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Alvium C系列

Alvium C系列

Alvium 1800 C – 高效能嵌入式視覺相機模組
Alvium 1800 C MIPI CSI-2 相機系列功能強大,將機器視覺應用中廣受歡迎的索尼高性能影像感測器引入嵌入式系統,為嵌入式開發者提供更多選擇。這類感光元件解析度最高可達2,000萬像素,在提供優異畫質的同時,幀率可達到 Alvium 1500 C 型號的兩倍。

Alvium 1800 C is a small, high-performance industrial camera. Benefit from high image quality and a wide range of sensors!

  • State-of-the-art sensors: Get access to Sony’s high-performance image sensors popular in the machine vision industry!


  • On-board ISP functionality: Advanced image corrections and free up your embedded board for other processing tasks


  • One driver fits all: Quickly integrate Alvium cameras and exchange models easily.


  • Intelligent power management: Design low-power or even battery-powered systems.


  • High bandwidth: Use the powerful MIPI CSI-2 interface with up to 4 lanes.


  • Image reproduction quality: Get the best out of your lens-to-sensor combination by high-precision Alvium Sensor Alignment.


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