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SVS-VISTEK 是德國一間將近 30 年的生產銷售經驗,並具有創新研發工業相機的專業

製造商。其通過 ISO 9001:2008 的認證,並以提供滿足使用者所需要的機器視覺相關



The FXO: Outstanding image and the latest interfaces

The brand new FXO series combines the outstanding image quality of the Sony Pregius S sensor with
the most modern high-speed interfaces.10GigE, 25GigE and CoaXPress-12 are supported.
The integrated strobe controller facilitates the construction of slim applications.

The fourth generation of the Pregius S sensor from Sony with global shutter shines with outstanding
image quality and is the heart of the FXO series.The 2.74 µm pixel has a high sensitivity to light and
at the same time very low noise.The excellent homogeneity and dynamic range of the image is setting standards.

A housing that is elaborately milled for each sensor size offers the optimal temperature distribution for this
high-performance sensor.The FXO combines this sensor with the fastest interfaces in the machine vision sector.

With an excellent image, fast interfaces, diverse inputs and an integrated multi-channel Strobe Controller,
the FXO offers an extremely flexible,powerful and, at the same time, economical camera concept.
The small pixel enables the use of cheaper lenses for the high resolutions.

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