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LVS - HPLS-CW30 Series

LVS - HPLS-CW30 Series

● adopted high intensity radiating LEDs of 350,000 ~ 400,000 lux for a strong
light source

 By incorporating a strong compact sized light source, it can put out up to 400,000 lux (*)
of light
● miniaturization of the equipment
 Even with the small size, it is designed to maintain high intensity light source. Its size has
been compacted to be mounted in limited spaces.
● Excellent heat dissipation system
 The heat dissipation problem of LED has been solved to provide dramatic increase in
performance and life-span.
● Stable system - supports stable constant current method of light source
● Easy operation and understanding

 The front panel is equipped with the functions to provide all the internal environment
 The panel displays the level of brightness, LED junction temperature, and the speed of the
● Maximum protection against user errors
 To avoid human error a LOCK switch has been installed on the front of the panel to
prevent the problem of inadvertently changing the brightness value. 
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